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Benefits to this Industry

Most construction activities disturb soil. The disturbed soil is easily eroded and washed off site, becoming a source of sediment pollution in nearby waterways and the sea.

Although sediment is the primary pollutant, other pollutants are also often generated on building and construction sites that can have a devastating impact on Australian waterways and oceans.

Vegetation is known to be one of the most effective methods of erosion and sediment control, with grass not only filtering out pollutants before they reach our waterways, but also steadying the ground for longer lasting infrastructure. Healthy native vegetation can have a lasting impact on erosion control as well as the visual appeal of the development.

We also provide our solutions to the civil construction industry for revegetation and rehabilitation services after project works have been completed.

  • Control erosion on your civil construction site by using environmentally friendly methods that last longer and reduce water usage
  • Adhere to regulatory guidelines by preparing an erosion control management plan in advance, minimising risk.
  • Enhance stakeholder and community relations by improving the aesthetics of your development site and minimising dust production.
  • Revegetate after project works have been completed.
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