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Spray Grass is more commonly referred to as Hydroseeding or Hydromulching. Both solutions are an efficient, cost-effective way to revegetate large areas and ensure long term growth. Hydroseeding is a process that utilises water as a carrier to spread seed and fertiliser onto the seedbed. Hydromulching is similar to hydroseeding, but it adds Growth Mediums to the mixture to retain water for faster seed germination. Both solutions are able to be distributed through the use of hydroseeder truck cannons or hoses.

All the materials are mixed in a hydroseeder tank and then sprayed as a slurry over areas to be revegetated. In hydroseeding projects, we use a range of Growth Mediums that consist of organic materials, soil conditioners and other growth additives that replenish the soil with nutrients and vitamins it needs to support healthy growth. This is a highly effective way of establishing grass for subdivisions, banks, batters, and service trenches. Head to the solutions banner on our website and explore how hydroseeding or hydromulching could benefit you.

Every one of our projects starts and finishes with a scientific approach. Depending on the service you are receiving, topsoil may need to be applied on top of existing soil and raked to ensure that the soil is loose, to encourage and support rapid growth. If your project involves hydromulching, a soil analysis may be undertaken and interpreted before revegetation works commence. Such analysis will determine the properties of the soil to ensure we get the best strike rate and increased longevity of seedlings. We will provide you with professional and credible advice about how to set up your site for success the first time.

Depending on the seed type that was used and the watering and/or rainfall amount, you will start to see growth within about 1 – 2 weeks of application. Around the 4 – 6 week mark grass should be at the stage where it is ready to be mowed, however, this does vary depending on sun exposure, regularity of water and other variables.

Depending on what type of revegetation, erosion and dust control solution is provided will determine what aftercare is required. As part of every project we undertake, we provide sound, professional aftercare support and advice to help you achieve the best long term success with your project.

We use a range of the highest quality introduced and native seeds. Where possible, we will source and use local, home-grown products that have been developed by Australian companies. Get in contact with our team to see which blend is most suited to your needs.

We have a range of suitable solutions depending on what season you are planning to commence work. You will find that different seasons offer different advantages for each solution. Call us for more information.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not service residential areas.

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