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Spray Grass Australia revegetates using products that have been tried and tested under Australian conditions to support vegetative growth in even the most degraded soils.

An understanding of the harsh Australian conditions in conjunction with a scientific approach are the key to growing strong, healthy grass that stands the test of time. Similar to hydroseeding, hydromulching is a one-step process that uses water as a carrier to spray seed, fertiliser, tracking dye and a binder/tackifier onto the seedbed, but has the benefits of Australian-tested cellulosic Growth Medium mulches added to the slurry. Hydromulching provides a temporary layer of erosion control from wind and water until vegetation germinates, making it ideal for batter stabilisation. It is important to note that hydromulching is not hydroseeding; hydroseeding is simply a method of applying seed and does not provide extra protection against erosion.

Hydraulic Growth Mediums (HGM) work to hold moisture longer to support faster vegetation growth while minimising erosion. The innovation of this product means that they are highly effective in all climate types, even after sustained periods of rain and are able to be sprayed on uneven surfaces and rough seedbeds.

SoilBoost High performance soil catalyst containing billions of bacteria and essential nutrients.
EcoBond Enhances effectiveness by binding together Hydromulch components with soil until germination takes place.
Superior Erosion Control Rely on sustainable solutions that provide lasting erosion control effectiveness once applied.
Weed, Pest & Pathogen Free Our solutions are free from weeds, pests, diseases and pathogens to protect the environment and project success.
Higher Water Retention Thermally refined wood fibres deliver up to 50% more water-holding capacity, promoting germination and no watering required.
Maintain Soil Temperature Maintains soil temperature for improved growth.
Backed by Expertise We employ some of the most knowledgeable minds within the industry to ensure that our expert staff provide you with comprehensive advice.

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