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Damaged and depleted soils require much more than the conventional hydroseeding treatments to achieve healthy and sustainable long-term growth.

Successfully revegetating damaged landscapes following construction or mining activities can be partially difficult in the harsh Australian environment. Diverse soils, site and weather conditions across the country means that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ revegetation solutions for every revegetation and erosion control project.

Vegetation influences slope stability in two ways: through hydrological effects and mechanical effects. The roots of plants physically reinforce soils, resist erosion and increase the infiltration of water into the soil by forming physical pathways. Plants have extensive root systems that lock the layers of soil together in an interlocking grid, reducing displacement and stabilising embankments and batters.

There are two common techniques that are effective for revegetation; Hydroseeding and Hydromulching, which have both proven effective on revegetating and stabilising soils.

  • Our solutions promote long term soil health, prevent weed infestation, and minimise watering requirements.
  • A tailored approach, customised to your specific project needs and goals.
  • Tested and proven in the lab by leading agronomists, horticulturalists, microbiologists and soil scientists.


Collect and Assess 1
  • Collect & Assess Soil testing provides essential information to determine how we can optimise vegetative growth in any given environment.
Choose Optimal Species 2
  • Choose Optimal Species Choosing the best plant species to suit the project location, site conditions, intended use and maintenance ensures success.
Tailor Best Solution 3
  • Tailor the Best Solution We carefully select the best solution taking into account the ability to facilitate growth, functional longevity and the erosion control effectiveness.
Apply Even Application 4
  • Apply Even Application Our highly trained technicians ensure the solution is mixed perfectly and applied evenly to deliver the best possible results.
Drone Spraying 5
  • Drone Spraying Latest drone technology allows us to apply fertiliser, trace elements and soil probiotics 4-8 weeks after seeding application to ensure ongoing project success.
Post Project Monitoring 6
  • Post Project Monitoring Monitoring drones fitted with the latest scanning and imaging technology make sure the project is going as planned.

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