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Spraygrass Supply Apply Guarantee

The cutting-edge technologies we use for dust suppression will not only save water but can also dramatically minimise site activity and the time, money and energy spent on project management tasks. At the same time, they consistently achieve significantly better dust control results.

Our non-toxic dust control and soil stabilisation materials have been engineered and rigorously tested on various substrates. Our dust control experience on large and remote sites ensures that your project will receive professional management and solutions focused on achieving successful results. Our methods are designed to create durable, water resistant and environmentally friendly surface crusts over dust, soil and aggregate. Each application is carefully tailored to meet your site-specific requirements.

Our dust suppression solutions have been proven effective on mine sites that include those of coal mines, copper mines, ash dams, tailings dams and power stations.

Water Saving Our engineered dust suppression products feature water saving capacities up to 80%.
Immediate Control Dust is reduced immediately after application.
Cost-Effective Application of dust suppression products is extremely cost-effective over time.
Environmentally Compliant Our products have been formulated to meet the highest standards of environmental efficiency.
Multiple Application Types Hydraulically applied utilising hose, cannon, spray bar or even aerial.
Specialty Manufactured Designed specifically for the harsh conditions of the Australian mining, civil and infrastructure industry.

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