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Spraygrass Supply Apply Guarantee

Aerial application allows Spray Grass Australia to effectively target and reach isolated or difficult access areas and sites which require rehabilitation and/or stabilisation.

Spray Grass Australia have effectively utilised aerial applications on projects where truck access was limited. Hydroseeders continuously agitate the mix which is then pumped into the aircraft’s tank or helicopter’s bucket ready for application.

Aerial application of hydromulch or dust suppression is efficient in covering large areas, including remote sites with steep or rugged terrain, in the least amount of time. Aerial application is extremely suited to tailing storage facilities (TSF) and ash dams where vehicle access is limited, and safety concerns arise.

Considerable amount of time is spent in reviewing the best approach to aerial application, with Spray Grass Australia personnel reviewing and refining the key activities involved to ensure that all project goals and concerns are addressed. GPS technology ensures precision-guided coverage and records flight patterns to show placements.

Aerial Application Plane
Access All Areas Apply solution to hard to reach, inaccessible areas onsite as well as wet and unstable substrates.
No Soil Compaction Compaction of soils is reduced.
Precision Application Sophisticated technology allows for guided coverage and tracking.
Fast Application Reduce labour cost and time, as well as taking advantage of short windows of opportunity.

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