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EnviroSoil® has been designed for when you need vegetation, but your soil won’t support it. It is a smarter way to reclaim your land and replace depleted soils, overcoming site challenges.

Soils and substrates that are associated with disturbed lands due to construction, mining and development are characteristically lacking in much needed organic matter, nutrients and biological activity that is relied upon to ensure sustainable vegetative growth.

Biotic Soil Amendments (BSA’s) are utilised to accelerate the development of soils with characteristically low organic matter, limited biological activity and low levels of nutrients due to disruption caused by high-level activity. EnviroSoil® acts as a complete topsoil and compost alternative and soil building erosion control solution. It works to promote natural microbial activity and natural topsoil forming processes which is the epitome of healthy vegetation supporting soil systems. EnviroSoil® BSA has been made to be hydraulically applied through a hydroseeder, being spraying directly onto the surface in a consistent slurry.

9 Active Components EnviroSoil™ features 9 key active components that work to fix the soils rhizosphere.
Backed by Science Our EnviroSoil™ has been thoroughly tried and tested and proven to be effective in the harsh Australian conditions.
Safe & Easy Application Made with ease of application in mind, EnviroSoil™ can be hydraulically applied, reducing application time by almost half.
Erosion Control Effectiveness When utilised in combination with a hydromulching solution, EnviroSoil™ compliments the performance of growth mediums in providing near-perfect erosion control on all types of substrates.
Weed Seed Free Utilising the highest grade organic fibre mulch, soil conditioners and mineral blends ensures that EnviroSoil™ remains weed-seed free, eliminating site contamination.
Cost-Effective Not only will hydraulically applying EnviroSoil™ reduce overall projects costs, it will provide the same amount of soil building and organic components as traditional solutions.
Australian Owned & Manufactured EnviroSoil™ is Australian-owned and manufactured.

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