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With current advancements in drone technology, drone seeding has been able to decrease the costs involved with seeding significantly.

Agronomists, agricultural engineers and even farmers are turning to UAVs to accurately plan and manage their operations. Unlike traditional seeding methods, new techniques allow the seeds and the nutrients required to foster germination to be placed onto the ground in exactly the right location. This allows for a reduction in costs while increasing the planting quantity.

Our operators have a large range of control over the radius of the spread and the density of the spread by simply altering the flight speed, altitude and feed rates of the spreader. An optimised planting pattern is generated to avoid obstructions and ensure uniform and precision planting.

Drone Seeding
Cut Operation Costs Reduce the time it takes to seed your land.
Efficient Application Rates Improve variable rate application.
Precision Application Accurately and uniformly seed rehabilitation areas with intelligent software.

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