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Precision technology has driven the agriculture revolution for years however agronomists, agriculture engineers and even farmers are turning to the use of UAVs to gain better insights and more accurately plan and manage their operations.

As well as innovating through our focus on soil health, Spray Grass Australia utilises the latest in drone and imaging technology. Drones are used to provide 3D modelling, area monitoring and image mapping, which along with soil testing, allows us to map the rehabilitation area to a high degree of detail. This ensures that solutions are applied with precision and accuracy and that all areas are covered evenly and uniformly.

Utilising some of the latest industrial drones, we are able to take advantage of multispectral and thermal imaging cameras and sensors to gain a deeper understanding on how plants are performing. NDVI technology, when utilised in conjunction with sensors, is the classic indicator of plant health and vigour. By combining these remote sensing techniques, we have been able to monitor the environment more closely and get a more accurate picture of activities, allowing us to plan rehabilitation performance on a landscape-wide basis and maximise growth efficiency.

Operating personnel have undergone rigorous training and hold all relevant licences, compliant with Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

Drone Monitoring
Improve Output See where rehabilitation processes and efforts can be more efficiently managed.
Data Collection Data is assessed from a wide spectrum of sensors to ensure a personalised approach is taken.
Real-time Monitoring Collect reliable, accurate and high-precision data in real-time.
Early Identification & Mitigation Performance monitoring ensures for preventative action with minimal costs where required.

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