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Soil is a major carbon storage system, essential for sustainable agriculture and climate change mitigation. Without good quality soil that is fertile and nutritious, revegetation and rehabilitation efforts will be in vain.

Biotic Soil Amendments, such as EnviroSoil®, act as a complete topsoil replacement and soil building erosion control solution. These artificial soils work to promote natural microbial activity and natural topsoil forming processes to build healthy vegetation supporting soil systems. The active combination of thermally refined organic fibres with high carbon and organic soil conditioners, seaweed extracts, mineral blends including basalt and microbial inoculants work as a coactive solution to rectify and improve the rhizosphere.

The unique beneficial blend of nitrogen fixing bacteria in conjunction with mycorrhizae work to stimulate the soil to mimic the natural cycle to create a sustainable growing medium for the germination of plants.

  • Can be utilised on challenging sites that have difficult to reach areas and steep slopes.
  • Designed to be hydraulically applied for safe and easy application.
  • Can be utilised in combination with a hydromulching solution for superior erosion control.
  • Cost-effective and time efficient.


Tailor Best Solution 1
  • Collect & Assess Soil testing provides essential information to determine how we can optimise vegetative growth in any given environment.
Site Preparation 2
  • Site Soil Preparation Soils are cultivated where required and amelioration is undertaken in order to prepare the substrate for seeding.
EnviroSoil Application 3
  • EnviroSoil Application The active blend of thermally refined wood fibres, soil conditioners, extracts and minerals work to rectify the soils rhizosphere.
Apply Even Application 4
  • Hydromulch Application Our highly trained technicians ensure the solution is mixed perfectly and applied evenly to deliver the best possible results.
Drone Spraying 5
  • Drone Spraying We use the latest drone technology to reach places no other vehicle can in a time and cost-effective way.
Post Project Monitoring 6
  • Performance Monitoring Monitoring drones fitted with the latest scanning and imaging technology make sure the project is going as perfectly as planned.

We understand that each project is different, each with its own goals and challenges, which is why we have created EnviroSoil to be a tailored solution, allowing for the addition of soil amendments to the mixture at the time of spraying to further ensure the success of revegetation and rehabilitation projects.

Our expert team will consult with you to see the benefits that EnviroSoil can offer you when utilised in place of compost or topsoil on your next project.

Find out more about topsoil replacement.

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