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Rehabilitation is the process of repairing the damage done by mining and civil activity. It aims to return disturbed lands and waterways back to an acceptable standard by restoring ecosystem functionality and land productivity.

Revegetating with healthy, sustainable vegetation that supports existing ecosystems is the most efficient and effective way to meet environmental remediation requirements. It is becoming increasingly common for strict site remediation criteria to be a part of development and mining sites. After works have been completed, these areas must be returned to their natural state, or as close to this state as possible.

This is why a reliable, long term solution for cover crop growth and erosion control is so important. The choice of soil additives and plant species will generally need to be native to the area to have a better chance of thriving. Repeating the process a number of times before adequate growth can be successfully maintained is often costly and time consuming, so getting it right the first time is a priority.

Site rehabilitation involves careful analysis of your site’s requirements and condition to customise a solution that meets your goals. Our solutions can be used for land rehabilitation both during and after your projects to minimise risk and maximise success. Spray Grass Australia works with you to ensure your environmental remediation and rectification is cost effective and has the best possible chance of long term success.

  • Return your site as closely as possible to its natural state.
  • Achieve erosion control through natural means for a long-term solution.
  • Enjoy positive community relationships with a more visually appealing site.
  • Access cheaper and faster spraying technology options for uneven, steep or inaccessible surfaces.
  • Native plant species are selected for longevity and comparability with surrounding area.
  • Monitor your revegetation success with our Rehabilitation Performance Monitoring option.


Initial Inspection 1
  • Pre-Site Inspection Mine site rehabilitation involves careful analysis of your site's requirements and condition to customise a solution that meets your goals. Soil samples are collected to determine the characteristics of the site.
Spraygrass Solution Erosion Control Blanket Drone Survey 2
  • Drone Survey A 3D survey is undertaken to image map the area to a high degree of detail.
Tailor Best Solution 3
  • Tailored Solution Selecting the optimum plant species, we carefully select the best solution taking into account the ability to facilitate growth, functional longevity and the erosion control effectiveness.
Apply Even Application 4
  • Uniform Application Hydroseeding and hydromulching process are optimal solutions for mine site rehabilitation, with each process providing its own benefits to deliver remediation success.
Drone Spraying 5
  • Drone Spraying Latest drone technology allows us to apply fertiliser, trace elements and soil probiotics 4-8 weeks after seeding application to ensure ongoing project success.
Post Project Monitoring 6
  • Rehabilitation Performance Monitoring Monitoring drones fitted with the latest scanning and imaging technology and sensors make sure the project is going as planned.

Getting the best results from a site rehabilitation or remediation project often relies on the combination of a variety of important solutions, dependant on analysis and understanding of your site and its requirements.

SGA use specialist Rehabilitation Performance Monitoring software which monitors the sowing quality, plant health and growth rate, the counted number and planned number of plants and provides plant disease analysis, pest detection, and water stress, allowing us to maximise growth efficiency.

Our solutions are suited to all areas of mine rehabilitation including steep slopes and batters, ash dams, tailings, hardstands and more.

Access mine site rehabilitation solutions designed to achieve the results you need first time.

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