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With the ability to cover varied and uneven terrain, drones are fast becoming the ultimate precision spraying tool.

Combined with mapping, drone sprayers can be utilised to target specific areas where treatment of fertiliser and soil ameliorants is necessary, reducing disease and increasing efficiency both in processes and revegetation outcomes. The combination of speed and power means that areas are able to be treated up to 40 times faster than manual spraying operations.

Intelligent flight control allows the drone to scan the area below, providing real-time data, and adjust to keep a constant and accurate height above vegetation. Spray density is maintained even as the substrate below rises and falls, so that the optimal amount of fertiliser and soil ameliorants are applied at all times.

Each spray nozzle is placed directly below a motor, ensuring that the downward airflow generated by the octocopters propellers accelerates the spray, increasing its reach. Fitted with intelligent memory, the drone records its current position, remembering its past coordinates so that flight can easily be resumed after refilling or battery changes.

Drone Spraying
Faster Application Proven to be faster that traditional spraying methods.
Reliability Our equipment features intelligent memory to ensure precision application for every project.
Accurate Spraying With various nozzles suited for various applications, propellers accelerate the spray increasing reach.
Save Time & Cut Costs Cover larger areas in less time, reducing labour and time costs.

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