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Benefits to this Industry

Ground cover provides the most effective means of preventing erosion.

Consequently, controlling sediment run-off and controlling and suppressing dust depends on revegetating disturbed or damaged soils as soon as possible. Spray Grass Australia uses scientific soil analysis to ensure that we understand the chemical properties of your soil and use advanced Growth Mediums that include the right additives to support healthy vegetation growth that lasts. This process is a more cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable method that will keep your community and regulators happy.

  • Decrease the risk of flooding due to blocked drains caused by sediment.
  • Avoid harmful chemicals from land clearing or development being transported to sensitive waterways.
  • Improve the visual impact and community engagement with urban communal spaces.
  • Minimise the risk of costly unsuccessful revegetation attempts with Hydraulic Growth Mediums tried and tested under Australian conditions.
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