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Hydroseeding is the hydraulic application of water, seed, fertiliser and the option of growth supporting additives utilising purpose built hydroseeder trucks to provide environmentally friendly and safe revegetation of large areas.

Hydroseeding can revegetate and cover a vast area very quickly and represents a scientifically advanced way to revegetate compared to other conventional methods including direct seeding and drill seeding. It can be used to revegetate areas that are difficult and/or dangerous to access, as well as moderate slopes with the addition of a binder, making the task of providing erosion control for verges or soil stockpiles much easier. Binders form a hard crust and work to bind soil to the seed, preventing erosion, increasing water retention and promoting faster germination of seeds.

It is important to note that hydroseeding is not hydromulching – it is simply a method of applying seed and will not offer erosion protection until vegetation establishes. Hydroseeding solutions are best used on larger areas of quality soil. We determine the existing soil characteristics through a soil analysis to tailor the fertiliser used to the specific site, ensuring quality and long-lasting growth.

SoilBoost High performance soil catalyst containing billions of bacteria and essential nutrients.
Cost-Effective Hydroseeding not only reduces project and labour costs, but it also an economical alternative to laying turf.
EcoBond Enhances effectiveness by binding together Hydromulch components with soil until germination takes place.
Backed by Expertise We employ some of the most knowledgeable minds within the industry to ensure that our expert staff provide you with comprehensive advice.

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